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E-Waste – Removing the IT Scraps and Corporate Sector E-waste?

E wastes are becoming a huge threat to the entire globe. Although the need for electronic products and their manufacturing could not be limited, there should be some source found to safely dispose the e wastes, especially from IT and corporate sectors, which are booming incredibly.
The health and environmental hazards caused by the e wastes are unexplainable. It is not only the humans, birds and animals on land surfaces victimizing the e waste hazards but also the widespread ocean and sea lives. Although the awareness among people in regards to the risks of e-waste from commercial and domestic sectors were less in the past decades, today everyone has started realizing the importance to remove them in a safe and secured manner without causing any hazards to the environment.
As the measure to support corporate companies and IT sectors to safely remove the e-wastes safely there are many authorized e-waste recyclers in Bangalore function in an effective way. These e-waste removal services provide instant support and in this array, Virogreen.in takes its leading role in the industry. As one of the popularly growing e scrap buyers in bangalore companies, we provide a wide spectrum of e-waste removal services to all IT and corporate sectors.

What does the Corporate and IT sector E-waste contains?

Corporate and IT sector E-waste contains both electrical and electronic products, which are discarded in part and whole from the offices in particular. These wastes also include the rejects from repair processing, refurbishment, and manufacturing firms. Authorized E-waste Recyclers in Bangalore
The Corporate E-wastes are not the complete wastes, perhaps they contain some recoverable and valuable materials including gold, aluminium, copper, silver, ferrous metals, and plastics. By recycling them using appropriate processes the natural resources can be conserved. Moreover, such processed wastes can be used again for producing brand new electronic products. Indeed, most of the corporate and IT sector electronic products can be recycled, refurbished, and reused, and prevent them from turning to be just a landfill.

What does the Corporate and IT sector E-waste contains?

Some electronic wastes when stored for many days at one place for some reasons, they can start causing hazards in various ways to the lives surrounding. The obsolete and non-working electronic products that have reached their full life are majorly occupying the space. Apart from the valuable and recoverable materials, corporate e-wastes also contains hazardous and toxic materials like chromium, cadmium, lead, mercury, and beryllium. They also contain chemical flame retardants that can leach into water and soil.
According to the global statistics
  • About 53.6 million tonnes of electronic wastes are discarded in 2019 both from the domestic and commercial sectors and of which only 17.4 percent of the waste was recycled
  • About 3 million tonnes of e-waste is generated in India every year, which ranks 3rd among the e-waste producing countries worldwide next to China and the United States
  • This e-waste is expected to increase by 5 million tonnes by 2021
  • Indeed, COVID-19 has increased the usage of electronic goods by keeping people indoor
We understand that recycling e-waste is not as easy as it appears. Each part and metals of the electronic product are challenging to extract. According to a UN report, out of 95% of wastes only 30% is recovered in terms of recycling.

Should the IT Sector and Corporate E-Waste Recycled?

The importance of recycling corporate e-wastes should be emphasized for the prolonged welfare of the environment and lives. In this connotation, here are a few factors to stress on recycling of e-wastes:
Protect the surrounding
Safe recycling of expired electronic goods by an authorized e-waste recyclers in Bangalore help manage the toxic chemicals from impacting the environment and surrounding regions.
Save energy and conserve natural resources
The recycling and reuse of valuable materials can help save energy to a huge extent, reduce pollution from new manufacturing processes, reduce gas emissions, and finally save natural resources by extracting from raw materials.
Help others to Reuse
Any product which may not be usable to you can become usable to another person. In this aspect, by donating some electronic goods that can still work with a few services can encourage reuse and avoid the need to manufacture newer products.
Reduce landfill
Considering the above point, reuse of electronic goods can help reduce landfill and space occupied for it.
Similar to the recycling of plastic bottles, tins, and newspapers and other metal utensils, the commercial electronic wastes should also be safely recycled. Virogreen.in as a certified e-waste collection Bangalore services supports in safe destruction of the corporate e wastes. We adopt approved procedures to dispose of electronic wastes without causing any disturbances to your surroundings.
Any e-wastes when not properly removed and processed may end up going to the landfills or reach the unregulated markets. Particularly when the wastes like tube lights, batteries, CFL bulbs, and similar items are not properly discarded then they start making the soil around infertile. As a cause, these e-wastes ensure that any natural lives will never grow around in that space, including a small grass.
Our skilled corporate e-waste removal services ensure preventing the possibilities of the quantity of the e-waste dump increasing. This especially helps saving the fertile cultivation fields affected from the metal discharges finding its way everywhere across the space available and start spoiling. We also give our contribution to prevent the e-waste entering the ocean in massive quantity, which may later contaminating the water with liquid and gaseous toxins.
Virogreen.in is ready to provide you instant removal and recycling e-waste services with just a phone call. No matter how huge and complex your commercial and IT sector e-waste is, we are there to fulfil your expectations.