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Certified Data Erasure Services in India data

What is Electrical E-Waste?

One of the important concerns while sending your devices for E-waste management is the security of the confidential data stored in the Hard disks of your PC’s, Laptops, and servers or in any storage media devices. To avert any breach of important data or information, we at Virogreen provide secured data destruction services in an efficient manner. Our data destruction services makes sure 100% data security and we sanitize all the Data’s before processing at our sites. Data destruction is carried out depending on any type storage devices through data degaussing and physical destruction. Our customized security process offers a comprehensive 360 degrees approach to disposal of electronics and IT assets making sure that all corporate information and software are not just cleaned from the devices and the data has been destroyed as per NIST 800-88 standards. At Virogreen, we provide data destruction certificates to our customers.