What is EPR - Extended Producer Responsibility?

The strategy of EPR plays a vital role in waste management. This includes everything associated with the products right from the life cycle of the product to their market price. The legislation of Extended Producer Responsibility serves as the driving force for the adoption of remanufacturing processes, as it focuses on end-of-use treatment of electronic and electrical consumer products.
The main purpose of this process is to increase the amount of recovery of products and minimize any types of environmental impacts caused by waste materials. This environmental protection strategy helps to achieve environmental objectives of decreasing the overall environmental impacts of e-waste and take back them to life through recycling or final disposal. This approach will not only help to pass the responsibility to the producer but also serves as an effective mean to achieve higher environmental standards in designing the products.
Virogreen.in functions as an effective and vibrant EPR consultant Chennai , Bangalore, Hyderabad. Our years of presence in the e-waste management industry have helped us develop an extensive collection network across the commercial, IT, and informal sectors
Registered under the Central Pollution Control Board for channelization of e-waste, we are professionally involved in the processing of all types of e-waste including spare parts, consumable products, and electronic elements.
Products we handle as a Registered EPR Consultant Chennai
Based on two major categories, we handle products as follow:
Information Technology and Telecommunication products
  • Computers, notebook, and laptops including input and output devices
  • Centralized data processing including Mainframe and Mini Computer
  • Printers, cartridges, Copying equipment, typewriters, Telephones, Answering System and more
Consumer Electrical and Electronics
  • Television including LCD and LED TVs
  • Refrigerator / Washing Machine
  • Air-conditioners and centralized air conditioning plants
  • Fluorescent /Mercury containing lamps / and more
Virogreen.in as a leading EPR consultant in Chennai helps both national and multinational brands to manage their Extended Producer Responsibility across all parts of India. We adopt proper channelization of the e-waste with the support of our collection centers scattered across the country.
Virogreen.in implements proper measures that are essential for safe collection and management of the e-wastes such as, including
safe collection and management
  • Proper collection of E-Wastes
  • Safe storage
  • Segregations of the wastes
  • Logistics
  • Dismantling of devices
  • Recycling the possible products and metals
  • Dispose and dump in an environmentally friendly way
Virogreen.in EPR Services
  • Among our competitors, we pride providing the specialized EPR consultancy solution to our clients
  • Supported by experts with excellent technical and industrial expertise, we are ready to handle any complex EPR requirements of our clients
  • We provide extended solutions according to your specific needs and requirements
  • We ensure safe and appropriate collection, channelization, and disposing of the E-Wastes
Virogreen.in is ready to instantly provide you the support for EPR authorization registration and services. Simply give us a call, and we will be at your reach immediately.