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Integrated Logistics Services in India

One of the biggest factors that are preventing producers from meeting their Extended Producer Responsibility guidelines as well as assists the recycling of their product is the integrated logistics solutions.
To help producers and address with effective e-waste recycling procedure, we at Virogreen have established a widespread presence across India to deliver a customized Reverse Logistics service which collects e-waste from the customer’s doorstep and transfers it directly to our facility.
We make sure the collection of e-waste accomplished within 48 hours of scheduling the pick-up and ensure that both hazardous and non-hazardous e-waste is transferred securely and accountably, through our channels.
We enjoy a wide presence across India which makes it probable for us to deliver efficient customized integrated logistics solutions which collects e-waste not only from Tamilnadu and also from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pondicherry, Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala , etc at your doorstep and transfers it directly to our facility. Leave the entire duty on our experienced professionals who have been undertaking the process since years. They will transport E-Waste from your facility in the most secure manner through our responsible and reliable channels.
The collection team at Virogreen picks e-waste through Pan-India collection centres and transports them to our recycling facility for processing. The entire process demands a highly advanced and efficient integrated logistics mechanism with grasp. We at Virogreen are supported by a dynamic local network, wide presence and channel partners. The entire process is undertaken efficiently and achieved in a timely manner with our own fleet of pick up vehicles accessible as and when required. We consider in comfort as well as expediency of our clients. So our prime duty is to work according to their expediency especially when arranging pickup.