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Telecom Equipment Recycling Company in India

The telecom industry is based on transferring voice, data, text, sound as well as video. The number of electronics and electrical components needed to do this is enormous; starting from transmitters and receivers to power amplifiers, antennas, cables, DSL equipment, satellite, telephones, mobile devices and many more. These devices can all be broken down into supplies that can be recycled. Whether operational or not the proper management of these devices is vital to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements as well as guarantee confidential data destruction.
E-Waste is responsible for seventy percent of the toxic chemicals such as lead, cadmium as well as mercury found in landfill. Today’s business often use complex computing as well as telecommunication networks that contain dozens of specific devices that are recyclable at the end of their lives. Telecommunication equipment often incorporates numerous of the components that computers and other IT equipment contain.

The Telecommunication Recycling Services offered by us

We at Virogreen, are passionate about sustainability and WEEE recycling. When companies decide to upgrade their telecom network equipment or streamline its inventory, we suggest trading in what you have via Virogreen’s asset recovery solutions. This service focus on the reuse as resale of telecom equipment, allowing other companies to make use of your old equipment – which cannot always be refurbished – and become a significant part of how to reduce the e-waste problem. We also offer comprehensive recycling service and work with customers to reduce their carbon footprint through strategic recycling as well as responsible disposal of telecom networks of e-waste.
Types of telecom equipments we recycle
  • Mainframes
  • Networking
  • Telecoms
  • Digital and analogue broadcasting
  • Mobile communication infrastructures
  • Cabinets
  • Base stations
  • Desktop
  • Computers circuit cables
Benefits of Telecom Recycling Services
  • Realise the value of your end-of-life telecom assets as well as increase profitability
  • Lessen toxic waste disposal , divert useful resources from landfill as well as achieve huge carbon savings
  • Fulfill your WEEE compulsions and comply with increasingly stringent environmental legislation